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Signed Sports Cards

This Month's Contest:

Contest ends: April 30, 2002

What can I win?

To kick off the brand new 2002 baseball season you have a chance to win any autographed baseball card featured on this site.  The choice is yours.  Every baseball card can be won including SASE successes, trades, eBay Purchases and pack pulls.  Make your selection wisely.

How do I enter the contest?

You don't have to answer any trivia questions. All you have to do is drop me and e-mail and answer these:
How often do you visit Signed Sports Cards?
What other autograph sites do you visit more than Signed Sports Cards?
You have to answer two questions this month, but hey, I'm giving away an autographed baseball card of your choice.  As usual, please be honest.

At the end of the month a random winner will be chosen and notified via e-mail. An announcement will also be made on the Signed Sports Cards home page.

Don't forget to include which baseball card you want in your e-mail!

What are the rules?

Obviously, please don't enter more than once. I realize that most of you probably have more than one e-mail address, but please only enter once to be fair to everyone. If someone decides to enter the contest more than once they will be disqualified.

Also, please type "Contest" in the subject heading so I know that you are entering the contest and I don't confuse it for something else.

Previous winners:

March's winner was Brian Marsh who won a set of nine 2000 Pacific football cards.  He wrote, "Signed Sports Cards will continue to get better as you add more and more of your successes."

February's winner was John Clement who received a set of nine 2000 Upper Deck Ionix baseball cards.  He wrote, "I think you have one of the better sites I have visited!  I would grade you as outstanding!"

Enter this month's contest: