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Latest News:

11.27.02 - Ten new requests.

Again, no new successes, but I did sent out those ten new requests I mentioned in my last update and they are:
Eddie Murray
Dat Nguyen
Patrick Pass
Reuben Droughns
JaJuan Dawson
Patrick Ramsey
Christian Fauria
James Allen
Martin Gramatica
Anthony Lucas
Hopefully, I'll get another success soon.  If I do I'll certainly post a Weekend Update, but in the meantime I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all enjoy your meals and families tommorow.

11.26.02 - The driest of dry spells.

I'd love to report a bunch of successes in my mailbox, but the fact of the matter is I haven't gotten anything new since Tim Rattay.  Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, but I will be sending out ten new requests tommorow in an attempt to get the ball rolling a bit.  I may also add a couple of trade cards as well if I get the time.  Either way, check back tommorow to see which players I've sent out to.
Got a new poll up for this week.  Last week's poll was pretty popular, so I hope that if you voted in last week's you will take the time to vote this week.  That's all for this update.  I'll do another tommorow to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and report the requests and any new successes. 

11.19.02 - Two new autographs and this week's poll.

I received a nice pair of successes to start the week off.  My first success comes from 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay.  Tim has spent all three years of his career with the Niners and this season he has appeared in 2 games and has completed 5 of 10 passes.
My second success that I received yesterday comes from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Reggie Swinton.  Swinton is primarily used on special teams, but has caught 5 catches for 37 yards this year.
The new poll is up and I think the poll is really good this week so even if you don't normally vote you may want to this time.  With that said, I'm updating a lot around the site, but I don't know if I'll have time to update again before the weekend because this week is pretty tight.  I may get a chance to do one on Friday, or I may just hold off for a big weekend one.  In any event, enjoy the successes and good luck to all you collectors.

11.17.02 - Weekend Update:  A pair of Bills successes.

It was a pretty slow week at the mailbox, but I did receive  a pair of successes from a couple of Buffalo Bills players including rookie wide receiver Josh Reed.
Josh is the third wide receiver in Buffalo behind Eric Moulds and Peerless Price.  Buffalo without a doubt has the best receiving group in the NFL and Reed is having a fantastic first season.  After nine games he has accumulated 314 yards and a pair of touchdowns.
My other Buffalo Bills success comes from runningback Shawn Bryson.  Shawn was the Bills leading rusher in 2000 and had a second good year in 2001.  Shawn was on pace to have another great season with the Bills before an injury put him out for the season.  Before he was injured however Shawn rushed for 35 yards on 13 carries.
That's all the successes I've gotten since my last update.  Remember that I put up this week's poll on Tuesday so I should have a new one up either tommorow or Tuesday.  Please take a second to vote in this one and check back soon.

11.12.02 - New poll added today.

No new successes tonight, but I got the new poll up.  I realize it's a day late again and I'm sorry, but it's up now.  Please take a moment to vote and hopefully I'll have some new successes to report over the next few days.

11.10.02 - Weekend Update:  A great week for successes and more requests.

This has been one of my best weeks for me as far as successes go, but Tripod has been a big hassle and I've barely been able to update anything since Monday.  It seems to be working now however and I apologize for not updating earlier.  I hate it when Tripod has problems and I can't do anything.  Anyway, onto the successes:
Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks personally signed the rookie card that I sent to him and also included some Seahawks stickers and information regarding his foundation.  Shaun has started all eight games for the Seahawks and has rushed for exactly 500 yards on 147 carries averaging 3.4 yards per rush.
Aaron Brooks of the New Orleans Saints signed a pair of cards for me in a very short period of time considering how much mail he must get.  Aaron has emerged as a star in New Orleans after being a backup in Green Bay to Brett Favre.  He's having a great season in 2002 after eight games throwing 18 touchdowns to nine interceptions and establishing a QB Rating of 86.6.
Washington Redskins on again/off again starting quarterback Shane Matthews signed two cards for me as well.  Shane has performed the best out of Washington's three quarterbacks, (Matthews, Wuerffel, Ramsey) and will probably remain the starter through the second half of the season.  So far this year Shane has started five games and has eight touchdowns and three interceptions with a rating of 80.5.
I also received a single baseball success this week from Boston Red Sox star Shea Hillenbrand.  Hillenbrand had a fantastic year in 2002 hitting .293 with 18 homers and 83 runs batted in.  I also added a baseball trade of fellow Red Sox superstar Nomar Garciaparra.
I did manage to send out those requests that I've been talking about for so long and they are:
Reggie Swinton
Jarious Jackson
Ray Lucas
Scotty Anderson
Pete Mitchell
Shaun King
Josh Booty
Josh Reed
Anthony Wright
A.J. Feeley
Lots of quarterbacks in there so I hope I get some good returns.  There won't be any mail tommorow obviously for us in the United States, but I will be back with a new poll, so please vote in this week's before it is taken down.

Latest Catch:

Trevor Hoffman

San Francisco 49ers

 Sent - 09.05.02
Received - 11.18.02
Note - 2 cards sent, signed, and returned.

Dallas Cowboys

  Sent - 11.08.02
Received - 11.19.02
Note - 1 card sent, signed, and returned.

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